Friday, April 3, 2015

Call for team volunteers

Hi all -- this is a reminder that I'm retiring as coordinator after next season, so this is a call for volunteers to step up and start taking over parts of our team administration.

Signups for these positions are now online:
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Team jobs for 2016

Some of the coordinator roles are shared with other team families. To ease the transition, I'm turning these into full volunteer positions for next season.

Each job will complete a family's volunteer requirements. You will not need to work at meets.
Roles that need to be filled are:
  • Treasurer: manage team's bank account; pay permits, fees, and invoices; issue refunds; document all expenses; collect and file receipts; report to CTK parish accountant
  • Uniforms and shoes: store, inventory, order, and distribute team and coach uniforms; manage donated track shoe supply and spare spikes and wrenches
  • Lost and found: collect, inventory, and publish lost & found each week, and reunite with owners when possible; bring to picnic and donate leftovers to charity
  • Webmaster and data manager: update the team and league web sites; set up meets and process results on
  • Awards: pick up league ribbons, assemble and distribute to coaches; make personal bests ribbons from results; track "seven up club" members per season; keep and order supplies
The team also needs someone to be my assistant coordinator next season:
  • Coordinator: set up permits for practice; manage team roster and health forms; represent team in league meetings; team communications via email and Twitter; attend practices and meets; take coaches out for pizza at the end of the season (crucial!)
I am working with the league to move our meet-hosting duties to another team. Christ the King and friends have hosted for at least ten years, and I think it's time to share our good fortune with our fellow teams.

If you are interested in any of these jobs please send me an email via

CYO depends on volunteers 

My family has come back to CYO year after year because of the positiveness of the program and the selfless dedication of the people involved. If your family has enjoyed the CYO experience, please consider giving back your time and talents to keep it running strong.

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