Thursday, April 25, 2013

Qualifying meet Saturday, April 27 at 9:00am

Just a reminder that the Qualifying meet is this Saturday, April 27th at Diablo Valley College. Setup starts at 8:00am, and the first shift needs to be signed in and ready to work by 8:30am. Athletes should be at the track warming up no later than 8:30 as well. Please don't be late, since we'll need to start event calls right away to finish on time.

The volunteer schedule is on the web site. Even if you don't get a reminder call or email, please check the assignments:

If you are assigned to a job, you'll need to stay there until relieved by another volunteer, or until the event closes. Don't wander off, and especially don't interfere with any other part of the meet. This is a sure way to get your athlete disqualified.

We'll do our best to keep things moving on Saturday, but this will likely take longer than the practice meets. It's unavoidable.

Whether you're working or watching from the stands, wear comfortable clothing, sunscreen and a hat. Bring water! Most importantly, approach the day with patience and good humor. Tensions are sure to be high at times as championships and drama go hand in hand. This meet and the next two after are excellent times to practice the Golden Rule.

See you on Saturday!

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