Saturday, February 16, 2013

Track news for the week of February 17

  • Miss the parent meeting?
If you weren't able to make it to the information meeting this past Monday, you can read up on the "Parent Info" page:

I'll include more details about meets and events in weeks to come.
  • Field event practice, Sunday Feb 17th at 1:30pm
Our optional field event clinic is Sunday afternoon from 1:30-3:30 at College Park. We'll try to do all four of our field events -- softball throw, shot put, long jump, and high jump -- plus get in some relay practice. Dress for the weather, bring water, and we'll see you there.
  • Lost and Found
I brought armfuls of clothing home after our practices this week: some of it probably belongs to the high schoolers, but some was definitely left behind by our older kids on the trail run. Please make sure your athletes' names are in a findable place on their belongings so they can be reunited:
  • Uniforms and sweatshirts
I've placed the order with our printer for the t-shirts and sweats. I have a few extras coming in case you signed up late.

I expect them to arrive later in the month, and then they'll be passed along to our super-sorting crew and handed out at practice. It would be a very good idea to put your athletes' name to their brand new sweatshirt before it gets left behind.
  • "Bonus" athletes
Please make sure to register all your athletes running with us; we have some siblings and other unexpected kids joining us during practice. This is fine if they're trying it out, but let me know their names and grades so I can pass this along to the coaches.

In case of a medical emergency I have health release forms for every athlete at every CYO event. Accidents happen, and the diocese and our insurance company would be much happier if everyone on the track is accounted for. (This is the same reason we have to keep parents in the stands, by the way.)
  • Adds/Drops
If you've got friends or relations who would like to join track, you still have time: have them get in touch with me and I'll handle the rest.

If track isn't working out for your family, you have until March 1 to drop with a full refund. If we pass out uniforms before that date, then I'll deduct their cost from your refund.

Don't just disappear! I need to hear from you if you intend to drop so I can issue the check and weave my paperwork magic.
  • Volunteer Shifts
I've gone through the signup sheets from the parent's night and keyed in changes to the volunteer assignments. The updated counts are on a big report on the web site:

If you see an angry red number in the "Total Shifts" column, this may mean that you haven't signed up to volunteer yet, or that you've fallen short of the five-shifts-plus-one that we need, or (in a couple of cases) you're working First Aid or as a Volunteer Reminder and I don't have specific dates down for you.

Please let me know which meets and shifts you will be able to work via email: it can be as simple as "Please sign up the Smith family to work second shift for the meets on March 16 and 23, and April 13." I'll make the changes in my master list. Although you have the whole season to make up any shortfalls, everything runs smoother if we can get you scheduled in advance.

Remember to account for other sport obligations, spring break, and first communion activities when you're making your plans.

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