Saturday, June 9, 2012

End-of-Season Business

* Awards

I've put up a page on the web site listing all the special team awards that were handed out at our picnic. You can see the full list here:

I also have a backlog of ribbons from the final meets, plus certificates for athletes who participated in the Sectional meet, and even a couple of medals. Some of these awards were handed to classmates or friends, but I still have quite a bit leftover for the following athletes:

Agna Placiakis
Aiden Hanken
Alexandra Dudziak
Alexis Nunes
Alyssa Gaigalas
Andrea Berger
Annie Vasquez
Ash Murthy
Avery Avina
Blake Maxon
Bradley Freitas
Caden Carpenter
Carely Campenchano
Carson Nagel-Holmes
Charley Stoudt
David Jang
Domas Placiakis
Dominick Konstan
Emerelga Delos Reyes
Emma Swanson
Gavin Williams
Grace Shughrou
Harmony Soffer
Ibis Pond
Isabella Scarpulla
Isabella Triana
Isabelle Ariana
Isabelle Rivas
Jackson Simmons
Jacquelin Amaya
Jeff DeBoer
Joey Ormeod
Jonathan Jang
Julia Tarter
Kamaria Soffer
Kosta Konstan
Kyle Crossman
Leander Legaspi
Madison Hartung
Michelle Kerfs
Pauline Akcam
Riley Sweet
Ryan Koeppe
Samuel Andersen
William Koeppe

If your athlete shows up on either list, please let me know and we can set their awards out on my front porch for you to pick up. I live in Pleasant Hill, in the Gregory Gardens area.

* Parent Business

I have deposited the checks from the few families who were unable to meet their volunteer commitments this year. I already notified you by email if you were on this list, and I know there were some extenuating circumstances in a couple of cases. Expect those checks to clear soon.

For everyone else, I have shredded your deposits. You can mark it appropriately in your register. I've also deposited any outstanding checks for YVHS student rentals and coach gifts. If anything does not resolve the way you expect it to, please let me know right away by email and we'll sort it out.

We have five families win a (new) drawing for a uniform next year. I've notified them by email, but they are:
  • Husion
  • Freitas
  • Wallahan
  • Nunes
  • Ormerod

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