Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Relay Meet details

Due to the especially soggy season that we've had this year -- and all the cancellations -- the league has decided to allow the relay meet to count as a "practice" meet for purposes of athletes competing in the Qualifying Meet at the end of the month. As you may remember, athletes are required to compete in two practice meets to be allowed to run in the Qualifier (our mini-meet doesn't count.) This decision gives us a little extra breathing room. If you're able to attend, I hope we'll see you on Saturday.

Since we're at YVHS again, we have a limited number of high school students for rent who can cover your shifts. Many of you have pad me for one or more shifts over the past few weeks: please let me know if you would like to apply it to this week. Let me know which job you were scheduled to work so we can update our volunteer sheets.

Just to recap the events and order that we'll be running on Saturday:

4x100m relay (all grades)
Medley (all grades)
4x200m (only grades 2-4)
4x400m (only grades 5-8)

The "Medley" is a special relay run only at the meet -- the legs are 200m, 200m, 400m, 800m. Even though this is a long event, we're going to go ahead and hold it early on so our younger athletes don't all disappear. Remember that we can form teams across grades and parishes, so it's not unusual to see younger athletes take the shorter legs and have older ones run the longer distances. This is for fun, after all.

The other unusual relay is the 4x200m. I have in my notes that we were planning to open this up to only grades 2-4, and leave the 4x400m open for grades 5-8. This is different from last year when everyone could run the 4x200. I'm double checking with the other coordinators that this is what we agreed on. Personally, I'd rather see the older athletes save their strength for the 4x400, but we'll be consistent with the other relay meet.

Update: This is the confirmed list of events and the order. We will not run the 4x200m for older grades.

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