Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CTK Track news for the week of 7 Feb 11...

Greetings Track Families,

We had a great first week of practice and look forward to good weather and five more minutes of daylight this week.  All parents, especially if you are new the program but even if you are not, are invited to the Parent Meeting this Thursday evening (Feb 10) at 7pm in the CTK Parish Hall.  We usually manage to keep the meeting to 75 minutes or less.  Bring your stopwatches -- this is track after all!

We'll practice twice this week:
  • Tuesday, Feb 8, from 5pm to 5:50pm at College Park HS track
  • Thursday, Feb 10, from 5pm to 5:50pm at College Park HS track
I'm reliably informed that there will be College Park HS soccer games both Tuesday and Thursday this week.  Between the games and the high school track practice kicking off this week, we may be slightly delayed in starting practice each day.  (It's as if it's their track, isn't it?)

Remember to check the team web site after 4pm on practice days if it's rainy. You can even follow ctktrack on Twitter for track practice updates.

Field Event/Relay Clinics
Mark your calendars for two extra (and optional) practice sessions that we'll be offering this season.  Field Event and Relay Clinics will be held Saturday afternoon, February 19, and Sunday afternoon, Feb 27.  Both events will take place at College Park High School.  The exact time will be announced at the parent meeting since we're trying to make sure we have enough coaches available for the occasion.

Running Shoes
...are HIGHLY recommended. We have a number of kids who are wearing skateboard (not good) or basketball shoes (not as bad) to track. They should all be wearing running shoes. Local shoe stores such as Fleet Feet in Pleasant Hill and Roadrunner Sports in Concord will all give you 10% off if you tell them your child is on a track team, but you can buy running shoes anywhere.  If your child is trying to talk you into spikes (or if you have already succumbed to the pressure), please note that we don't want to see spikes at practice for a few more weeks, period.  We'll discuss spikes at the parent meeting, but suffice it to say that they are optional, no matter what your athlete is claiming.

Team RosterThe team roster is at [Ask Carl] or [Ask Carl]. I have added new runners since last week and fixed a bunch of errors. Let me know if you find any mistakes. There is a second page called "Athlete Counts" that looks at the numbers in each group as well as by parish.

Late Sign-Ups

We have 259(*) kids signed up at the moment. This number moves around a lot and we will still accept new sign-ups for another couple of weeks. Tell your friends, especially if they like crowds.  

Old News
If you feel that you want more information or a preview of the season ahead, most of the family emails I've sent out over the past few seasons are archived under News on the web site.

See you on the track,


Carl Godkin
CTK/St.C/St.S Track & Field Coordinator
Visit http://www.ctktrack.org/

(*) An all-time high-water mark I believe.  We stopped sending flyers to the public schools three or four years ago to prevent things getting totally out of hand.

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