Friday, February 26, 2010

CTK Track news for week of 22 Feb 10...

Greetings Track Families,

Welcome to week 4 of the track season.

We'll practice twice this week as usual, going a little bit longer:
  • Tuesday, Feb 23, from 5-6pm at College Park HS
  • Thursday, Feb 25, from 5-6pm at College Park HS
We'll begin doing different event workouts this week which can be a little chaotic until the kids get used to it.

Looking Ahead
We have two weeks until our first meet, which will be our Mini-Meet. It takes place on Saturday afternoon (our only afternoon meet), March 6, at 1pm at College Park HS. Next week's mail will talk more about this meet.

In advance of the Mini-Meet, we'll also have our annual Officiating Clinic, on Wednesday evening, March 3, in the 6th grade classroom at CTK School. (This is the same room where we held sign-ups.)

We will also hand out team T-shirts to those who ordered them at the end of practice on Thursday, March 4th. Our T-shirt coordinator should have the remaining T-shirts available at the Mini-Meet itself, and for a week or so afterwards.

I've posted the volunteer lists for all of the meets on the web site on the Volunteers page. Katy, our volunteer coordinator, is just starting to fix my mistakes and fill in the blanks with people who signed up late. If you spot errors (especially if I managed to misspell your name, for instance), please email Katy at . We will be moving folks around as spots open up and promoting people with some experience into "head" jobs as necessary.

We'll also be providing reminder calls 1 or 2 days before each meet when you are assigned to work.

If you are wondering about the shaded areas on most of the meets, those jobs will be assigned to the other parish teams once the schedule is published. We host most of our meets, but rely on our guests for their help running all of the events.

(First Aid and Ribbon Sorter volunteers -- You don't appear on the schedule yet but your time will come!)

Is your athlete coming to practice in skate shoes or basketball shoes? Please try to make sure that he or she actually wears those running shoes you bought! Your children's feet will thank you.

Also, as I mentioned at the parent meeting, please don't send your athlete to practice if they are sick or injured and can't participate. Yes, it's happened already this season a few times. Thank you!

See you on the track,


Carl Godkin
CTK/SC/SS Track & Field Coordinator

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