Sunday, February 15, 2009


This season we'll be using to post individualized results for everyone on the team.

Visit to see our team's page and you can explore last season's results.  Let me know if you find any problems with the results.  I have already fixed some.

One thing you might find curious is that some of the results posted are (depending how you look at them) either corrected or uncorrected.  The gold standard for timing a track event is what is called "Fully Automated Timing" (FAT) while we mostly have hand-timed events instead.  There is a slight correction applied to hand times when compared with "FAT" times.  If you see a little "a" after a time, it means it's from a meet where FAT was used.  Last year we used FAT at the daytime portion of the Sectional Championship and Diocese Championship meets only.  (Actually, we also had FAT results from the Relay Meet last year, but I have not loaded up relay results -- yet.)

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